Our Projects

Our vision is to raise our children up to be the future leaders of their country. Our projects facilitate the gradual accomplishment of that vision.

Rays of Hope

Is a Seeds of Hope project that ministers to women living with HIV in northern Thailand. These women have been cast out of their communities because of the stigma and fear…

Buseko Children's Home

Is for HIV/AIDS infected or affected children. All the children are very ill when first admitted but this changes in a short while as they receive nutrition, love and care…

Grace Academy

Thru high level education and a holistic mentorship program, Grace Academy strives to empower the children in our care, allowing them to break the cycle of poverty.

Feeding Program

Funds donated to the Seeds of Hope feeding program will be used to feed children, buy desks, school supplies and building materials for the nearby community Nsobe Trust School.

Precious Gems Children's Home

Cares for orphaned children. Previously abandoned and destitute, these children are now being raised in a loving family environment where they receive an education and look toward their future with hope.

Make a Donation.


With your support, we can help change the lives of children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS for the better. Your generous donation will go directly toward providing support and care to children in need and will help them grow into self-sufficient, confident, and loving adults.