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Your generous support makes it possible for us to provide ongoing and consistent support to orphan children.

Care Facilities for HIV Affected Orphans

With your generous support, we are able to provide excellent medical care and antiretroviral therapy (ARV’s) for all HIV positive children in our care in Africa and Asia. Our goal is to not only save the lives of children by caring for them but also to give them and their communities sustainable hope through the programs we provide.

You can help bring aid to children affected or
infected by HIV/AIDS.


At Seeds of Hope, we focus on supporting and bettering each child in order to grow leaders for change in their communities. By investing in each individual child, we can help them move onto greater things, such as trade school, college, university, and good jobs.

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93% of your donation will go directly toward distributing food, education, housing, and other programming to children in need.

Christian Children's Ministry Canada

Seeds of Hope is morally founded in the Gospel and we focus all of our energy, efforts, and funds on serving orphan children who are 100% dependent on our organization. We care for them full time, giving them the education and support they need to become confident, honest, integrity-driven, self-sustaining men and women in future roles of leadership.

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With your support, we can help change the lives of children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS for the better. Your generous donation will go directly toward providing support and care to children in need and will help them grow into self-sufficient, confident, and loving adults.

We bring in and sell fair trade coffee as a not-for-profit endeavor.


The proceeds from our coffee go directly to help support the work we do here at Seeds of Hope. Our primary vision for Seeds of Hope Coffee is to provide absolutely great coffee. This will allow us to develop a market and a loyal following of purchasers, eventually enabling the growth and production of coffee beans to happen in the actual farm land of Seeds of Hope in Zambia.


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