Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope is the name of our entire project in Thailand. Rays of Hope includes Nuu Rain, Baan Isara and Baan Un Rak, and the Hill Tribe Women. Read below to find out more!

Nuu Rain

Is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At Nuu Rain, we house HIV infected/affected women who have been cast out from their families and society or are not able to live on their own. At Nuu Rain, our women receive love and hope through the mentorship program, a comfortable and secure home, medical care, and life skills. Our goal is to empower the ladies to be able to one day safely integrate back into society. Most importantly, at Nuu Rain our ladies get to experience the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some of these women have children, Rays of Hope provides for them as well by keeping the family together and making sure the children get to go to school.

Baan Isara and Baan Un Rak

*NEW PROJECT – Baan Isara meaning “Freedom House” (girls) and Baan Un Rak meaning “Home of Warmth and Love” (boys) are homes for children under 10 who have been rescued from human trafficking. During their stay with us, children  will live in a family environment under staff trained in child trauma. The children who have been rescued from human trafficking will also receive specialized trauma counseling.

We are pleased to announce that both homes have been completed and furnished. We have opened the doors and have welcomed many girls and boys who now are living in a safe and loving environment.


Hill Tribe Women

These women live in the hills of northern Thailand. Most people in the Hill Tribe villages are considered stateless: they have no rights and are unable to work or obtain services even though they have been in Thailand for generations.

The women we support in the Hill Tribes have been shunned by their communities and families because of their HIV status. With no way to provide for themselves, they are vulnerable to poverty, disease and physical harm. We are blessed to be able to love on these women, giving them support and providing necessities which include the gospel, food, shelter and basic care.

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Have a question or concern? Please contact us at 877-236-4673 or by email at admin@seedsofhopecm.com.

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With your support, we can help change the lives of children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS for the better. Your generous donation will go directly toward providing support and care to children in need and will help them grow into self-sufficient, confident, and loving adults.