Our History

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™ started in 1995 after hearing about the plight of children orphaned because of AIDS.

In 1996 Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry™ opened the first home for HIV/AIDS children in Thailand. Since that time, we have been involved in bringing aid to children in several countries. Our biggest projects are in Ndola, Zambia. The Buseko Children’s Home is the first and currently the only Home in Zambia specifically for HIV/AIDS affected or infected children. To ensure that our children have a good education and the tools to succeed in life we have built our own school; Grace Academy continues in this innovative and pioneering ministry. Grace Academy is the only boarding school in the world today that caters specifically to HIV/AIDS affected or infected children. We are able to provide excellent medical care and antiretroviral therapy (ARV’s) for all our HIV positive children. Our vision is to raise leaders and the way to do this is through education and opportunity. Our aim is to save the lives of children by the care we provide and to give sustainable hope for the children and their communities by the programs we put in place.

The plight of orphaned children in developing countries is heartbreaking.

The children that come to us have suffered incomprehensible hardships starting with the loss of their parents and rejection from relatives; add to that poverty, disease and homelessness. Many of the children that come to us have been abandoned:  Some come to us with no name and have no record of their birth or family. Can you imagine having a doctor count your teeth to estimate your age?

While these sufferings seem insurmountable, love and acceptance can overcome most things. The love the children in our care receive comes not just from our staff, but from their new brothers and sisters.

One heartwarming story is of when a little boy named John Phiri came to live at Buseko Home. John arrived very feverish and afraid. Overwhelmed, John stood in a corner.  While they were extending kindness and welcome, the people surrounding him were strangers to John and the fear in his eyes reflected terrors of traumas past and uncertainty.  It was a beautiful thing when Dudu (one of the first children to ever come to Buseko) stepped forward, put his little arms around John, and said, “ Don’t worry John Phiri.  When I came here I was sick too, but now I am better and you will be too.”  John and Dudu became fast friends and John thrived at Buseko Home, despite his ongoing battle with the effects of AIDS. When John died, he died praying: His last words were, “Jesus I am ready to go to paradise, when are you coming to take me?” With that, he rolled over and went to be with the Lord.

Since 2005 we are able to provide antiretroviral (ARV's) therapy for all our HIV positive children. HIV positive children in North America on ARV therapy are expected to live almost a normal lifespan!

We have been having exceptional results with the medication. Most of the children’s viral loads are down to undetectable and their CD4 counts are at a level where they can maintain very good health. What that means is that our children are going to survive. We want to give them the best opportunity to succeed in life. We have a philosophy that if you raise children as peasants you should not be surprised if that is what they grow up to be. Our vision is to raise our children to be the future leaders of their country.

We want to love them, nurture them, to meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

The dreams we hold for the children in our homes are exactly like those we have for our own biological children:  that they grow to love the Lord above all, they would  love their neighbours as themselves and that they would be healthy, educated and able to provide for themselves and their families. With God’s grace and your help, we are achieving that the vision and dream God has given us for the children in our care. We are a family…God’s family!

Have a question or concern? Please contact us at 877-236-4673 or by email at admin@seedsofhopecm.com.

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