Precious Gems Childrens Home

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™ has been supporting children's homes in Myanmar since 1997. The needs in that country are great and we are looking to expand our projects.

Precious Gems Home

According to UNAIDS and WHO, Myanmar now has the most serious HIV/AIDS epidemic in Asia:  The disease continues to multiply, leaving countless children orphaned, homeless and suffering from this horrible disease.  Always, children face the brunt of the suffering unless someone intervenes. 

Myanmar is known for its precious stones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires. However, Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry recognizes a greater treasure in Myanmar; it is the children who have been cast away because of HIV/AIDS.  And thus, Precious Gems Home was named:  After the children who are looked upon as a burden, worthless, feared and rejected, whom we see as having great worth because God has placed value on them. He sees their tears and loneliness. He sees their suffering and fears and He hears their cries. We have the awesome privilege of caring for these Precious Gems.

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With your support, we can help change the lives of children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS for the better. Your generous donation will go directly toward providing support and care to children in need and will help them grow into self-sufficient, confident, and loving adults.