Daojai came to Rays of Hope (located in Chiang Mai, Thailand) early in 2019. In poor health, Daojai was HIV infected and on crutches, suffering from intense pain in her hips. With nowhere else to go, she had been living in a temple in the south of Thailand. The head monk at the temple had called the authorities to have Daojai removed as he did not want her their anymore. It was then that we received a call asking if Rays of Hope would take her in.

Cast out from the temple, Daojai came to us sick, angry, bitter and not thrilled to be at Ray’s of Hope. We placed Daojai into a house with another of our ladies and showered her with love. Thanks to our generous donors we were able to pay for Daojai to have both hips replaced and get her health back unto a manageable state. Under our care Daojai blossomed. As she healed and marveled that Christians would be so gracious to her, her heart softened and Daojai saw the love of Jesus. It was a blessing to us all when she accepted Him into her heart as Lord and Saviour.

In January 2021, Daojai left Rays of Hope with a huge smile on her face, ready and healthy to work, and in February Daojai got a paying job bagging popcorn! We are so happy for her!

Daojai is part of the legacy of Rays of Hope which has been built on a dream to share the love of Jesus, give hope and heal hurt and abandoned women in a tangible way…one at a time!

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